About company

About company

MNPP PHART ZAO is a full cycle company, leading manufacturer of soils and organic fertilizers in Russia. Over 24 years of its history PHART company has been successfully producing and selling products for floriculture, horticulture and gardening, holding its leading place in the Russian market of soils and organic fertilizers.

Peat is the basis for a majority of products made by MNPP PHART ZAO. The company extracts peat in Leningrad, Vladimir and Tumen Regions, over a total area of more than 6,000 hectares.

Company branches are located in Moscow, Ulyanovsk, Novosibirsk, Perm and Krasnodar, and its main office is in St. Petersburg. The company's partnership network spans all of Russia and many FSU countries.

The full-cycle production allows to produce products of higher quality since the quality standards for raw materials are maintained, all the components are strictly controlled and the human factor has been minimized in the manufacturing process due to a high degree of automation.

The extraction of peat is carried out using an eco-friendly milling method, the main technological procedures of which are milling, drying, collecting and stacking.

At the peat field, unique high-moor sphagnum peat of low degree of decay is extracted, which is a biologically clean component, free from pathogenic microorganisms and weeds, and which creates a favorable environment for the development of the plant root system.

Stocked peat goes through an internal control procedure carried out by own certified laboratory, the employees of which monitor peat temperature, the acidity of raw materials and the presence of nutrients. External control of quality is provided by the R&D Institute of Peat, which issues Certificates of Compliance to MNPP Phart ZAO.

Our slogan is: the health of the earth is the health of your family.

This is why all the products produced by MNPP PHART ZAO are safe for people, animals and the environment and are manufactured with use of environmentally friendly technologies.

Such an approach helped us spread PHART products across all stores throughout Russia and in a number of CIS countries. Our partnership relations with our customers have been growing stronger year after year.

View video on extraction and production.