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Bio®Vita Signor Pomidor

Contains a complete range of primary nutrients, microelements and growth stimulators, and Azotobacter (nitrogen- fixing soil bacteria). Azotobacter create colonies in the root system that protect the plant from various pathogens. Moreover, they have the unique ability to absorb the nitrogen in the air and convert it into a form accessible to plants. I mproves the sur- vivability-rate of seedlings, promotes robust plant growth, reduces plant suscep- tibility to bacterial and fungal disease, boosts crop yield, speeds crop maturity, Lowers nitrate-concentration in tomatoes, improves the physical and mechanical properties of the soil, reduces nutrient Loss, and boosts nutrient-absorption by plants.

Primary nutrient content,
% on dry substance, not less than:
Nitrogen (NH4 + NO3) 1,0
Phosphorus (Р2О5) 2,0
Potassium (К2О) 4,0
Водорастворимые гуминовые кислоты 1,0
Solt-suspension 8,0-10,0
  • Guaranteed shelf life:
    24 months
  • Best-before date:
    3 years
  • Storage temperature:
    from -35ºС to +40ºС
  • Package size:
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