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Coniferous Soil

Ideal soil for the cultivation of decorative coniferous species (blue spruce, pine, fir, cypress, tui, hiba, juniper, cedar, cryptomery, araucaria). Its composition closely proximates that of natural soil, thereby creating optimal conditions for the cultivation of coniferous trees and shrubs. Can be used outdoors or indoors, including for the cultivation of bonsai species.

Primary nutrient content,
mg/l, not less than:
Nitrogen (NH4 + NO3) 50
Phosphorus (Р2О5) 100
Potassium (К2О) 250
Solt-suspension 4,3-5,0
  • Guaranteed shelf life:
    24 months
  • Best-before date:
    3 years
  • Storage temperature:
    from -35ºС to +40ºС
  • Package size: