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Seedling-Cultivation Set Formula Uspeha®

The set comes as a cartridge with multiple compartments, each filled with neutral, multipurpose Terra Vita® nourishing soil in self-composting (in natural conditions) paper.
Advantages of this cultivation technique over traditional methods:

  • improves seed germination
  • Supports active root development
  • Biodegradable paper retains substrata moisture
  • no need for additional feeding during seedling curttrvation
  • reduces seedling loss during transplantation;
  • robust seedling-survival is guaranteed-survival is guaranteed.
Primary nutrient content,
mg/l, not less than:
Nitrogen (NH4 + NO3) 150
Phosphorus (Р2О5) 270
Potassium (К2О) 300
Solt-suspension 6,0-6,5
  • Guaranteed shelf life:
    24 months
  • Best-before date:
    3 years
  • Storage temperature:
    from -35ºС to +40ºС
  • Package size:
    12 ячеек в упаковке